Tuesday 7 October 2014

10 Random Predictions 2014-2015

1) Jonathan Quick is a good goalie, but an overrated one.  He will not be in the top 10 goaltenders by save percentage (for goaltenders with greater than 35 GP).

2) Thornton will be within the top 30 in points (but remember San Jose's failure to succeed in the playoffs is all his fault).

3) Halak will have a better save percentage than Miller

4) Kadri will have more points than Bozak (but people will probably still think Bozak is better).

5) Olli Jokinen will have more points than Schiefelle

6) Letang will be top 5 in defensive scoring (points)

7) Kessel will have more points and/or goals than P. Kane (but people will not consider Kessel at the same level as him)

8) Neither Sedin cracks 65 points.

9) Shattenkirk will have more points than Pietrangelo

10) JVR will out score Lucic in goals and points.

I don't have time to review last years right now, but I will do so later.


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