Saturday 19 January 2013

Predictions 2013. Around the league

Nazem Kadri from SBNation database of pictures

  1. Nazem Kadri will score at a higher points per game than Brayden Schenn.
  2. Bobrovski will be within 0.005 of Bryzgalov in save percentage.
  3. Daniel Alfredsson will not crack 55 points.
  4. The Flyers will have less points than they did last year.
  5. Marc Andre Fleury will have a lower than the median save percentage for a starter (as defined by goalies who play more than 30 GP).
  6. Varlamov will be top 15 in save percentage.
  7. Cole will play less games than Connolly.
  8. Ovechkin will crack 100 points again and win the Hart.
  9. Iginla will not crack 35 goals nor 75 points.
  10. Tampa Bay will pick up 2 players making 3 million+ during the season.
 Lets see how I did:

  1. NK= 0.33 vs BS = 0.33... They Tied.  Wrong
  2. Bryz=0.909, Bob=0.899... Wrong (though Bryz did worse than everyone predicted)
  3. Alfredsson= 59 points... Wrong
  4. 2010/2011= 106 pts vs 2011/2012= 103 pts.  Right
  5. Median save percentage for goalie with >30 GP = 0.915, Fleury's = 0.913. Right
  6. (Same list as last) Varlamov was 26th... Wrong
  7. Connolly= 70 GP vs Cole = 82 GP... Wrong
  8. Ovechkin=65 points... Wrong
  9. Iginla= 32 goals and 67 points... Right
  10. This one simply didn't happen.... Wrong
3/10.... Terrible.

Read on to see if I can do any better this year....

Sunday 6 January 2013

NHL's back! 2013 Predicted Regular Season Standings (too bad I can't write 2012/2013)

From @DregerFace.  Dreger Face is one of the few good things to come
out of this lockout.... If this doesn't show how boring the lockout was I don't
know what will.  BRING ON THE HOCKEY

The season is back and I am excited so I thought I would write a quick predictions post.  I LA to be in the SCF last year, but otherwise I wasn't awesome... Anyway here we go! (Last year's: Western Conference

(Note this is based on rosters as they are right now (as they were over the lockout), with no trades and the assumption that most (if not all) unsigned RFA's are signed).