Tuesday 6 October 2015

Trophy Prediction 2015-2016

Winner: Crosby
Runner ups: Getzlaf, Seguin
Dark Horse: Giordano

Winner: Hedman
Runner ups: Giordano, Karlsson
Dark Horse: Shattenkirk

The Connor McDavid Calder
Winner: McDavid
Runner ups: Eichel, Domi
Dark Horse: Panarin

Winner: Kopitar
Runner ups: Toews, Bergeron
Dark Horse: R'OR

Art Ross
Winner: Crosby
Runner ups: Kessel, Seguin
Dark Horse: Backstrom

Winner: Holtby
Runner ups: Price, Rask
Dark Horse: Schneider

2015-2016 Predictions

Eastern Conference

Tampa Bay Lightning
Montreal Canadiens
Detroit Red Wings
Ottawa Senators
Boston Bruins
Florida Panthers
Buffalo Sabers
Toronto Maple Leafs

Pittsburgh Penguins
New York Rangers
Washington Capitals
New York Islanders
Columbus Blue Jackets
Philadelphia Flyers
New Jersey Devils
Carolina Hurricanes

(Note I think the Leafs will be ahead of both NJD and Car FWIW)

Round 1
TB over CBJ
Mon over Det

Pitts over NYI
Wsh over NYR (finally)

Round 2
TB over Mon (again)

Wsh over Pitts

Round 3
Wsh over TB

Western Conference

St Louis Blues
Chicago Blackhawks
Dallas Stars
Minnesota Wild
Colorado Avalanche
Nashville Predators
Winnipeg Jets

Anaheim Ducks
LA Kings
Calgary Flames
San Jose Sharks
Edmonton Oilers
Vancouver Canucks
Arizona Coyotes

Round 1
Blues over Col
Dallas over Chi

Anaheim over Minni
LAK over Cgy

Round 2
Dallas over Blues
Ana over LAK

Round 3
Ana over Dallas

Washington over Anaheim

10 Random Predictions 2015-2016

First off how did I do last year

1) Jonathan Quick is a good goalie, but an overrated one.  He will not be in the top 10 goaltenders by save percentage (for goaltenders with greater than 35 GP).
TRUE (19th)

2) Thornton will be within the top 30 in points (but remember San Jose's failure to succeed in the playoffs is all his fault).
TRUE (28th)

3) Halak will have a better save percentage than Miller
TRUE (Halak 0.914 and Miller 0.911)

4) Kadri will have more points than Bozak (but people will probably still think Bozak is better).

5) Olli Jokinen will have more points than Schiefelle
FALSE (and not even close)

6) Letang will be top 5 in defensive scoring (points)
FALSE (but close, 7th)

7) Kessel will have more points and/or goals than P. Kane (but people will not consider Kessel at the same level as him)
FALSE (Kessel had a bad year)

8) Neither Sedin cracks 65 points.
FALSE (they both did)

9) Shattenkirk will have more points than Pietrangelo
FALSE (but he had 2 less points in 25 less games...)

10) JVR will out score Lucic in goals and points.
TRUE (fun fact Ericksson outscored Lucic)

4/10... Not so good.

On to 2015/2016 predictions

1) At least one of Boyes/PA Parenteau/Matthias (whose combined salary is less than Beleksey and all signed for one year) will out score Beleksey in pts and Gs.

2) Kessel will outscore Voracek and Tarasenko, but remember he had an untradeable contract and there new contracts are good contracts (in total points, only eligible if they all play over 70 GP)

3) Kessel will crack 50 G and/or 90 points.  At least one.

4) At least one of Cam Talbot or Lehner will have lower than a 0.910 save percentage and a losing record.

5) Kadri will crack 60 points (not eligible if he plays less than 70 GP)

6) Gardiner and Rielly will both crack 30 points (not eligible if he plays less than 70 GP)

7) Lack will have a better save % than Miller

8) Bonino will outscore Suter in both goals and points

9) Hornqvist will eclipse 25 goals and 65 points but no one will notice because everyone else on the team (obviously I can only prove the first part of this statement)

10) Datsyuk will play less than 65 GP, but in the games he plays he will end up in top 20 for PPG (for players with more than 30 GP)

11) BONUS AHL one- Nylander will have the highest AHL PPG of any player under 24 and with more than 30 GP

Enjoy the year! Go Leafs Go!