Saturday 2 June 2012

The Best of the 1989 NHL Entry Draft

Image from wikipedia.  What a terrible logo for the event which took place at the
Minnesota North stars arena.

The biggest news in the NHL this week is the retirement of the 'classy superstar' Nicklas Lidstrom (oh and a couple of teams are trying to win some silver bowl or something....).  This morning I was reading Down Goes Brown's latest post about Lidstrom's career and it was as funny as ever.  While laughing along to the post one of the jokes got me curious, who were the 52 players selected before Lidstrom?  A quick check told me which draft it was (click here for a list of players selected in the 1989 NHL entry draft (as it is from Hockey Reference it can be sorted by various statistics)) and I have thus written this short post about who I think the top 7 players were (in order) from the 1989 NHL entry draft.

Warning: Leafs fans may not be too happy...