Tuesday 10 January 2012

Shot Differential Chart for Leafs vs Wings 1/7/12

Hey guys, back again with some more BW Charts for you. Been experimenting with ways to get the goal lines on the charts, and I think I've figured out a way to do it. With that out of the way, here are the shots and shot differential charts for Leafs vs. Wings, 1/7/12. 

As you may remember, this was a game that the Leafs didn't really deserve to win. The team got out to a good start, building up a 3 goal lead in the process. After that, Detroit was mostly driving the play and keeping us in our own zone. To our credit, we did a good job keeping shots to the outside and Gus put in a solid performance. After Lupul scored to put us ahead with 12:50 to play, score effects are very noticeable, with Detroit putting a flurry of shots on the Leafs net in the last 10 min.

Based on these charts, I would say the Leafs are lucky to have come out of Detroit with 2 points. Conversely, it is a credit to the team and to the coaching staff that they kept it together after losing their lead and held out for a win.

If you want to visit the birthplace of these charts or read some posts by their inventor Bettman's Nightmare, you can head over to Arctic Ice Hockey and take a peek or see lots more stats etc. Look forward to the next installment, where hopefully I will have PP/PK on the charts as well.

In the meantime, you can find me commenting on PPP as TheCeej, or follow me on Twitter.


  1. I'm confused, Bettman's Nightmare made these charts or you did?

    Good work regardless.

  2. Hey Greg:

    Bettman's Nightmare came up with the idea and started making them for Winnipeg games. Curtis decided to adapt them for the Leafs and BN was even kind enough to give Curtis advice on how to do it. So BN is the inventor but these specific ones (the ones on this site) are made by Curtis.

    Cheers and thanks for reading.

  3. Yeah, what Bcapp said it an expanded version of what I tweeted @ you.